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Get the edge! 

eSkillfinder gives you the edge - Uncover ALL of your marketable skills and turn them into your compelling sales tools. 

Convince your next interviewer that YOUR combination of skills are exactly what the job needs.

If you are a technical person - programmer, analyst or engineer and have a dynamite resume but don't get interviews - then your self - promotion skills need help.

Finally you will find out how to present them in a compelling way and GET THAT DREAM JOB! 

eSkillfinder helps you :

  • Boost your confidence - discover skills you didn't even know you had
  • Focus your job search in the areas where you would like to work
  • Sharpen your interviewing skills 
  • Improve your resume and cover letters  - create "killer" benefits statements and dynamite cover letters to present yourself better, more comfortably and get your resume in the hands of people who matter
  • Learn how to use the "hidden job market" to hunt down job opportunities before they are available to everyone else
  • Get an edge on the competition!

eSkillfinder runs in a web browser and is password-protected, and can run anywhere the web goes.

If you send me your name and email address, I'll send you a username and password good for one month, free. Just click here and send us your name and email address.  I'll send you complete, no-obligation  information about eSkillfinder by email.

- Richard Cekal

See how  eSkillfinder - is the best way to get a new job!...

Our global economy is changing. 

For technical people, stress levels are rising as workloads increase. There seems to be no end in sight.

For the first time, highly-skilled people are having difficulties finding new or better jobs - especially at the salary levels they need.

Often these people feel they have very few skills outside their professions, and the skills they DO have can only be applied to jobs that are disappearing due to downsizing or outsourcing.

If you are one of these people, eSkillfinder can help.

What are Skills?

How often have you heard someone say "I just know I'll have to go back to college, and get retrained, because I don't have any other skills, except maybe at entry level."

The dictionary definition of a skill is "an ability that has been acquired by training."  Every one of us is skilled at something, whether it is in using tools, relating to people, writing letters, sewing, taking pictures, drawing, coaching a soccer team or arranging furniture. The trick in finding a job today is to know when to talk about all the other things you do when interviewing for a technical job.

For an excellent take on careers, look at Richard Bolles' book "What Color is Your Parachute?"  (

Despite what the job ads say, most organizations today need people with all kinds of skills, but it is easier for them to simply list technical qualifications.

eSkillfinder helps you create a complete  inventory of all of your skills by helping you  make a list of all the things that you've done, especially those that you enjoyed doing, and things that you've done well. 

You'll find that by describing your transferable skills, the ones you've picked up OUTSIDE of your technical field, in the right way and at the right time you'll get the edge on the competition.

eSkillfinder gives you three easy ways of discovering your skills - just look over our comprehensive list of skills,  point and click and add a few words here and there.

It's easy, and if you do the work, you reap the rewards.

eSkillfinder first helps you organize your list of previous occupations, then gets you to think of the fields that interest you - perhaps in industry, the public sector, or even somewhere far away where you've always wanted to work.

eSkillfinder  brings your occupations, skills and fields together, so you can find relationships and career opportunities based on your abilities and what you want to do

Make changes with a single mouse-click. 

Arrange the elements in order of importance to you. 

Soon the ideal career will start to emerge. 

You will be surprised at the result.

eSkillfinder  offers you a road map of what you can do and a clear picture of where you should look to work - an edge over 90% of all job applicants who are just blindly sending their resumes out.

Perhaps you WILL need some retraining to continue to a new career, and eSkillfinder can help there too. It points out, in black and white, exactly what skills you already have, and lets you list those skills you need to get to fill the "holes" in your resume.

eSkillfinder uses the power of the Internet to help narrow your search for a job and  automatically creates custom links to the web sites of prospective employers, trade associations, even schools and training facilities - making your career plan go more smoothly. You'll be able to find out what employers in your field are doing and that will help you determine where the jobs are. 

eSkillfinder helps you develop and refine an "elevator pitch" - a concise presentation that describes the BENEFITS of hiring you. Use it when calling or writing to prospective employers, networking, even at a barbecue, church or in an elevator!

eSkillfinder helps you prepare for the all-important interview, by helping your rehearse popular interview questions - and it even gives you hints about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT say. 

eSkillfinder will even help you create a personalized checklist of things to bring to the interview with you so you'll be prepared for almost anything.

To request information on our charter member program where you can make eSkillfinder work for you, click here and send us your name and email address.  I'll send you complete, no-obligation  information about eSkillfinder by email.

- Richard Cekal     

When you're ready to move your career forward, eSkillfinder - the best way to get a new job!